It’s Time to Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

It’s Time to Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Learning to love yourself may be harder than learning to love someone else. And having a great sex life when you don’t love yourself – well that can be tricky. So here are some things to think about as we approach Valentine’s Day:

  • Be you own best friend: When you start putting yourself down for something you did or didn’t do, or for something you are feeling, stop, just for a minute and pretend, that you’re having the same conversation with a friend. Would you really say to your friend “Boy, you are such an idiot that you fell for that guy? You could see a mile away he wasn’t that into you!” Or, and I think this is more likely, would you say “Stop beating yourself up. That guy is such a jerk and really led you on. You are worth ten of him!” Try, just for this week, treating yourself the way you’d treat a friend. You would be amazed at the difference.
  • Be good to your vessel: When you find yourself hating your body and imagining how much better life would be if you were thinner, taller, more toned, more flexible or whatever, just stop for a minute. Step outside your body and think how your body must feel when it is constantly being berated, blamed, abused and trying to be changed. And ask yourself: “Is that really how change happens?” by berating someone into something. Is that how you’ve changed other behaviors? No. The simple answer is to love your body, accept that it’s not perfect and take care of it, in the most loving and genuine way you can.

Here, at Maze Women’s Health we constantly find ourselves working with women on learning to love themselves and their bodies, with all their eccentricities, because that is a fundamental component and a building block to creating a meaningful relationship, and sex life,  with someone else. We’ve seen women’s lives turn around when they have learned to love the most important person in their lives, themselves. If you would like to hear more information, schedule a free consult today!

Make a commitment to love yourself this Valentine’s day, your whole self, with all your craziness, flaws, and inadequacies. Making a commitment to love yourself can change your life – and guarantees that there will always be someone to love you back.

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