Milk Proteins, Peptides, and SOUL: Matt Karich Returns

Milk Proteins, Peptides, and SOUL: Matt Karich Returns

Quite a bit has happened since Episode #068 with Matt Karich, the enterprising founder of Soul Performance Nutrition. He’s gotten deeper into ultra-endurance sports, and has dropped a few incredible new supplements.

So we brought Matt back on to talk about his latest endeavors, getting the official catch-up from over two years of progress.

Matt Karich of Soul Performance Nutrition on PricePlow Podcast Episode #135

Matt Karich of Soul Performance Nutrition returns for PricePlow Podcast Episode #135 to talk about Milk Proteins, Peptides, and SOUL!

The two major product launches covered so far this year are Soul Performance Nutrition’s Nova Immune Renewal and Nexus Peptide Complex. This brings us to talk about three specific ingredients, colostrum and lactoferrin (which make up Nova) and PeptiStrong (which stands alone in Nexus).

Along the way, we also get into our returning love for a simple ingredient known as sucrose, but also talk about the joys of other carbohydrate sources like honey. As Matt trains for his next 100 mile race in Northeast Ohio, he’s going to need those carbs and far more.

We also talk about his incredibly-designed magazine issues that you can find on Soul’s website, linked below.

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  • 0:00 – Introductions

    Soul Performance Nutrition Matt Karich

    Meet Matt Karich, an engineer who’s putting his talents to use in the dietary supplement industry, with refreshingly unique, third-party tested formulas. We discuss this and more in PricePlow Podcast #068.

    In Episode #135 of the PricePlow Podcast, Mike and Ben welcome back Matt Karich from Soul Performance Nutrition, who discusses recent developments in their product line since his last appearance on the show (Episode #068). Matt highlighted the launch of their Bliss Revitalize Collagen, which features the addition of Velositol, and a shift towards a pre-workout supplement that emphasizes high sodium and electrolytes over traditional ingredients like citrulline.

    Recently, they introduced Nexus Peptide Complex, a product packaged in glass bottles and consisting of a single ingredient, PeptiStrong, aimed at making high-quality supplements more affordable and accessible. This initiative reflects a community-driven approach to product development, emphasizing affordability without compromising on quality. Matt also briefly mentions another product, Nova Immune Renewal, which he describes as a passion project that we dig into more deeply.

  • 4:00 – Lactoferrin

    Soul Performance Nutrition Nova Immune Renewal

    We’re massive fans of the lactoferrin in Nova Immune Renewal

    Ben and Matt discuss the innovative and community-driven approach to developing new health supplements. They highlight the excitement around making a single-ingredient product affordable and accessible, sparked by community discussions on Discord. This approach was seen as a challenge to the industry, questioning the traditional composition and pricing of supplements.

    Karich also talks about the success of Nova Immune Renewal, influenced by the community’s interest in probiotics, which instead uses colostrum and lactoferrin to achieve similar benefits. Surprisingly, users reported improved sleep as an unintended benefit, leading to further investigation and realization of lactoferrin’s potential effects on sleep, liver health, and… well beyond.[1]

    Lactoferrin has become part of Mike’s nightly supplement stack, which is surprisingly not that large. Next to his key minerals, flush niacin, and creatine + betaine, this is one ingredient he doesn’t like to miss.

  • 10:30 – Colostrum

    The group reflects on a previous product called iSatori BIO-GRO, which was essentially a rebranded form of colostrum that received mixed reviews due to its marketing strategies. Karich shares his meticulous process in researching and testing supplements, emphasizing the importance of science-backed ingredients and appropriate dosing. He highlights his experimentation with various dosages of lactoferrin and colostrum, ultimately settling on doses that could be effective over the long term without adverse effects.

    The discussion also covers ethical sourcing from suppliers like APS La Belle, ensuring that the colostrum is an ethical byproduct not depriving calves of their essential nutrients. Additionally, Mike points out the adaptability of their supplements, allowing users to adjust dosages based on individual tolerance, which can prevent potential side effects such as the “lactoferrin cold.”

  • 16:30 – Preparation for Burning River 100

    Soul Performance Nutrition Nexus Peptide Complex

    Matt discusses his preparation for the Burning River 100, an endurance race he previously attempted but had to stop at 62 miles due to issues with his hip flexors. He’s currently increasing his training volume, aiming for around 70 miles per week and gearing up to tackle the race again. Regarding his supplementation strategy, Matt emphasizes the importance of electrolytes, particularly sodium, which he adjusts based on the extensive demands of endurance running. He plans to consume about 600 milligrams of sodium and 40 grams of carbohydrates per hour during the race. Additionally, he uses cane sugar as his carbohydrate source due to its effectiveness and minimal impact on his stomach.

    Matt doesn’t use technology to measure sweat electrolyte loss but instead relies on his experiences and physical signs, such as salt residue on his skin and how he feels physically, to tailor his electrolyte intake.

  • 23:30 – The Meditation of the Run

    Matt’s journey began somewhat impulsively when a half marathon he planned to run with a friend turned into a solo full marathon, which he completed despite being underprepared and facing intense physical discomfort. This experience, marked by overcoming significant mental and physical barriers, sparked a curiosity in Karich about his limits and capabilities.

    He describes running as a form of meditation that brings about moments of clarity and introspection, helping him confront and process underlying personal issues and distractions. This reflection is not just about physical endurance but also about mental resilience and self-discovery, providing him with profound insights and a unique sense of fulfillment.

  • 29:15 – Reconnect with Real

    Soul Performance Nutrition: Reconnect with Real

    Ben highlights the impactful lifestyle changes spurred by Soul Performance Nutrition, emphasizing a shift away from digital distractions and a deeper connection with nature and healthful living. This shift is encapsulated in the brand’s “Reconnect with Real” campaign, which Matt Karich elaborates on, inspired by his own experiences during endurance training. He discusses his move towards consuming natural, nutrient-dense foods like raw honey and fermented products, which not only improved his recovery but also enhanced his overall well-being.

    This approach led to a broader philosophy of prioritizing diet over supplements and exploring environmental benefits like forest bathing. The discussion also touches on the therapeutic aspects of being outdoors, away from technological and urban distractions, promoting physical and mental health.

  • 39:00 – Carb Sources for Endurance

    Matt and Mike discuss their experiences and preferences regarding carbohydrate sources for energy during endurance activities. Karich has experimented with various carbohydrate forms, including dextrose, cluster dextrin, cane sugar, and ketones, noting that earlier forms of ketones caused gastric issues during long runs. He hints at potential improvements in ketone supplements with recent advances (flashback to Rob Rogers of Ketone Labs in Episode #131).

    Glucose Fructose Glycogen

    Fructose reloads liver glycogen, but dextrose/glucose reload muscle glycogen.[2] So why waste time with fructose? Cut to the chase with straight up dextrose!

    Mike shares insights on the effectiveness of dextrose in reloading muscle glycogen compared to fructose[2-4] and highlights the surprisingly good performance of regular sucrose (cane sugar) in glycogen replenishment.[3,5-8]

    Both express a revised perspective on sugar, especially in the context of active lifestyles, arguing against the notion of sugar as an inherent enemy, particularly when sourced from organic, natural, less processed forms like organic cane sugar. Ben adds that the real problem is sedentariness, not sugar consumption per se, emphasizing that an active lifestyle can accommodate higher caloric intakes, including sugars.

  • 42:15 – Work / Life Balance

    Matt discusses how he balances his intense activity level with his responsibilities, including a full-time job, running a supplement brand, and being a father. He manages his time by working efficiently and focusing on essential tasks, minimizing time spent on social media, which he feels doesn’t return enough benefit for the investment. His weekends are more flexible, allowing him to prepare content in advance to maintain a steady online presence throughout the week.

  • 48:15 – Formulation

    Matt discusses the intricacies of formulating and updating his supplement products. He mentions working on an updated version of his electrolyte product, incorporating innovative ingredients inspired by elements typically found in baby formula, like human milk oligosaccharides and nucleotides, to enhance gut health and electrolyte absorption. Karich shares his approach to product development, focusing on creating unique formulations that differentiate from existing products while ensuring scientific integrity and respect for the ingredient’s origins.

  • 58:00 – Soul Magazine!

    Soul Performance Nutrition Magazine: The Power of Raw Honey

    Matt explains that his venture into creating magazine-like content on Soul’s website stemmed from a desire to improve his skills in writing and content creation. Initially, he wanted to challenge himself and see if people would find and engage with his content hidden on the backend of his website, supplemented by occasional email blasts. This project allowed him to explore and express his interests creatively without strict deadlines, incorporating engaging imagery and exploring topics he was passionate about at the moment.

    Karich handles the design aspects himself, using tools like Photoshop, and finds this work to be a fulfilling creative outlet. He appreciates the gradual crafting process, integrating inspiring quotes and visually appealing elements to make the content compelling. The conversation reveals Karich’s passion for not only supplement formulation but also creative content production, which enhances his brand’s engagement and provides a unique value to his audience.

  • 1:04:45 – Certifications

    Soul Performance Nutrition Nexus Peptide Complex

    Pair Nova Immune Renewal with Nexus Peptide Complex for a powerful recovery option!

    Matt discusses the considerations around certifying new products, Nexus Peptide Complex and Nova Immune Renewal, under the BSCG (Banned Substances Control Group) certified drug-free program. Initially hesitant due to the high costs and uncertain market interest, especially for Nova Immune Renewal, Karich explains his approach to testing the market before committing to expensive certifications. He reflects on whether customers value such certifications or if it’s more of a personal preference.

    Furthermore, Karich explores additional testing possibilities, like pesticide analysis, which might differentiate his products in the market. The conversation also touches on the idea that while consumers expect quality, they may not necessarily understand or look for the specifics that go into ensuring it, leading to a discussion on how best to communicate and validate product quality in a way that resonates with and is appreciated by consumers.

  • 1:13:45 – Glass Over Plastic

    Matt Karich of Soul Performance Nutrition on PricePlow Podcast Episode #135

    The discussion shifts to Matt’s decision to switch to glass bottles for his supplement products, moving away from the typical plastic containers. Karich describes this change as part of a broader reflection on the materials used in packaging and his desire to innovate beyond the norm. He approached his manufacturer about the possibility of using glass, accepted the associated risks and costs, and appreciated the premium feel that glass provides. Despite initial challenges, such as increased shipping weight and packaging adjustments to prevent breakage, Karich is satisfied with the decision.

  • Thanks to Matt for joining us and putting some incredible products into glass bottles!

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