Pilates For Weight Loss

Pilates For Weight Loss

Some of the most promising weight loss programs include cardio and strength training. However, Pilates is the best alternative for weight loss. It highlights the use of resistance training and body weight to shed calories, accelerate your metabolism and lose excess pounds. So how can this exercise help you to lose weight? Here are some of the reasons to incorporate Pilates for weight loss in your workout routine.

Pilates For Weight Loss in India

Pilates For Weight Loss

Pilates tones muscles and develops strength

This workout is perfect for increasing strength and building muscle tone specifically near your core. Good core strength can support all your body movements and make exercising more comfortable. It can also give protection against injury and alleviate back pain.

Pilates helps burn fat

Pilates aids in fat-burning, building lean muscle. Adding muscle mass will force your body to burn more calories in order to maintain it (the muscles). Pilates can enhance your metabolism resulting in your body burning excess calories. Muscles burn calories not only during exercise but also while you sleep. Since Pilates works majorly on your core muscles, it leads to a flattened belly.

Pilates can lead to a better posture

Pilates can do wonders in improving your posture and achieving muscle stability. The principles of conscious body awareness and breathing in Pilates training can emphasize good posture habits.

Pilates is excellent exercise for athletes and beginners

Pilates is a gentle and practical choice if you have a sedentary lifestyle or are reconditioning from a mild injury. It can be chosen over high-intensity cardio training since there is less risk of injury. The precise and slow movements in Pilates can help you develop stamina and strength.

Pilates provides flexibility

Pilates is a wonderful combination of strengthening exercises and stretches. The stretches include exercises that improve the flexibility of your front body, hips, hamstrings, side-body, and back. The strengthening exercises increase joint flexibility and help to maintain body weight.

Pilates leads to better balance

Pilates helps with coordination and balance, particularly when you work with stability balls and foam rollers. The standing Pilates exercises are very effective for developing balance and challenge the back and abdominal muscles.

Pilates results in better body awareness

Pilates involves the development of alignment and awareness of your body. It helps you listen to your body whilst gaining great mobility and strength.

Pilates helps condition the entire body

With Pilates, each part of your body gets a workout. Your musculature is equally conditioned and balanced which helps you enjoy your everyday activities with great ease and performance.

Pilates improves breathing

The breathing patterns that are followed during Pilates improve breathing as well as blood circulation in your body. The targeted muscles and organs get proper oxygen which helps in body cleansing and better muscle recovery.

The Basic Principles of Pilates for Weight Loss

The main principles of Pilates are centering, precision, control, concentration, flow, and breath. These form the foundation of Pilates. It emphasizes quality above quantity and doing every exercise with accuracy. This ensures significant results in a short period of time.

Pilates exercises can be performed on the floor, on exercise equipment, or on a mat. The workout equipment usually makes use of resistance and pulleys.

Work out Routine for Pilates for weight loss :

Here is a quick guide to a workout of Pilates for weight loss :

1. Half rollback

Begin with this exercise. Keep your knees on the mat and bend your knees. Keep your arms rounded in front of your chest and scoop your abdominals on your way to the mat till you reach your mid-back. The half rollback strengthens your core and results in healthy spine movement.

2. Pilates 100

This exercise can be performed by lying on your back and form a tabletop position by bringing both your knees towards your chest. Then push your arms in an upward and downward direction by taking short breaths. Perform this exercise to 100 breaths. Pilates 100 helps strengthen your lower back and achieve body stability.

3. Full body roll-up

This exercise can be done by extending your arms keeping your legs long. Then lift your arms up and start curling your upper body and torso slowly off the floor. Reach for your toes by folding your torso and your abs engaged. This exercise helps to improve flexibility and sculpt your abs.

4. Swimming

This exercise requires you to lie on your stomach by keeping your arms and legs in an extended position. Like swimming, flutter your legs and arms by taking five short breaths in and out to the count of 50. Practicing this exercise can strengthen your back muscles, thighs, and buttocks.

5. Bicycle

Hold your hands behind your head and neck, shoulders, head stretched away from the mat. Then lift one knee and reach your opposite elbow towards it. In the same way, you can do it on the other side.

6. Bird dog

Point your arm in the front and stretch out the opposite leg. Place hand and foot in one straight line. The bird dog targets your lower back, thighs, abdominal muscles and buttocks.

Some points to remember before performing these exercises

  • Breathe properly during each exercise. While exhaling, imagine blowing through a straw. This forced exhale helps to engage your core muscles.
  • Emphasize on quality over quantity in Pilates. Rather than attempting to do more repetitions, it is important to focus on the quality and precision of every move.
  • Once you are done with each exercise, repeat the sequence two to three times until you get completely comfortable.

End Note:

Today, the popularity of Pilates for weight loss continues to grow. The above-mentioned exercises strengthen your entire core muscles including your abdominals, hips, and back.  If you are looking forward to losing weight, Pilates can help. Combine it with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Joseph Pilates, the creator of Pilates states that you will sense the difference after ten and twenty sessions. After 30 sessions you will develop a totally new body.

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