Pride…All Year Long.

Pride…All Year Long.

If you’re a member or an ally of the queer community, you know that Pride isn’t just one month of celebration. Being proud of who you are as an individual and as a sexual being (or not – that’s the “A” for asexual in LBGTQIA+) is something we strive to experience every day.

But since we’re currently in the midst of the official celebration, it’s a great time to consider the wide spectrum that is human sexuality. Education is particularly important now, when so many of our friends and family members are under attack for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

Human beings can be sexually fluid. This doesn’t give anyone license to say “hey – you’re just experimenting” or “you’re too young to know who you really like” or “you’ll come around” or “weren’t you just with this person – how can you be with that person now?” or “if you dress like that, then you can’t possibly be attracted to (fill in the blank)!” Or the ever-famous and mind-blowingly ignorant “what are you?” 

First of all, NO ONE has the right to question anyone’s sexuality. Secondly, whether someone is questioning, experimenting or changing things up or standing firm in who they are, it’s all NORMAL. It makes them happy. It doesn’t harm anyone else. END. OF. STORY.

Sexual orientation, expression, identity; gender identity and gender expression – these all coexist, but in no particular combination or order. So this June – take a minute to honor the beautiful way we’re all uniquely special, and remember:  what continues to bind us is our humanity, no matter how we identify with and express our sexuality. Learn more about our services for Gay/Bisexual Men. At Maze, we address all of your unique health needs, without judgement.

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