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Skip To The Lube My Darlin’

Sex without lube is like, well – let’s just say it’s not nearly as much fun and in fact for some, it’s downright painful! Lube can be your best friend during sex, and there are so many different options available (including the scented and edible varieties, if that’s your thing). How do you even begin to choose?

We have an amazing e-book about just that entitled “Your Guide to Lubricants: Finding One That’s Right for You”, and it breaks down lube options into four main categories:

· Natural Oil-Based

· Water-Based

· Silicone-Based

· Water/Silicone Hybrid

I do recommend you get your hands on the guide before you get your hands on yourself or others (!), but I’ll provide a brief summary here.

Natural Oil-Based products are great if you’re looking for something that doesn’t require any added chemicals or fragrances. Choices like organic coconut oil and coconu are great ones (but beware – they aren’t suitable for use with latex condoms because of potential material breakdown).

If you have sensitive skin or allergies, you may want to consider something water-based. These products are tolerated by most women; however, they can be somewhat sticky and tend to dry out after a while.

If you are challenged by pain or dryness during penetration, then silicone-based options may be just the ticket. They don’t dry out and are great at reducing friction. Just be aware that they aren’t compatible with silicon-based toys (silicone + silicone = potential degradation of materials).

Lastly, water/silicone hybrids are among some of our favorite go-tos. They remain slippery for longer periods of time than other types of lube, they have a creamy quality to them.

they are water-soluble which makes for easy clean up.

If you want more details, then be sure to get our lube guide!

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