Suddenly, the World of Open Relationships is Much More… Open!

Suddenly, the World of Open Relationships is Much More… Open!

In the last few years, conversations around non-monogamy have become much more mainstream. From the Netflix series You, Me, Her to TikTok accounts like @OpenlyCommited– society is slowly becoming more open to the idea of being open.

If you haven’t seen it, @Openlycommited is a TikTok account with upwards of 120K followers and nearly 2 million likes where Danielle shares the behind the scenes of her 12 year open relationship. She talks about how the relationship came to  be; their rules, their kids, dating; and gives advice to those exploring non-monogamy for the first time. 

Netflix’s fictional series,  You, Me, Her , now streaming on Amazon Prime, follows the life of a suburban couple pushing 40 as they navigate adding a third person into their relationship. Throughout the show, viewers see the throuple grapple with a lot of emotion as well as judgment from neighbors and family, and lots of confusion on all sides.

While the show has many flaws and should probably not be used as a guide for how to bring a third person into your relationship, it is nice to finally see non monogamy on the big screen. 

If you’re interested in exploring the world of non-monogamy, there is no shortage of TikTok accounts to turn to for inspiration. Our greatest advice is that you are always open and honest with both medical professionals and therapists about your relationships as they cannot give you the right treatment and support if they don’t know the whole story. 

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