The Many Benefits of Kegels

The Many Benefits of Kegels

It’s almost Springtime, and that means later sunsets, al fresco dining, and hammocks gently
rocking in the breeze. And that got me thinking – as a women’s health specialist – about the
hammocks that aren’t suspended by trees but the ones that naturally hang from our pelvic

Yes, indeed, Friends, our pelvic bones have muscles within the pelvic floor that support the
organs situated in the lower part of our torsos. And these muscles, like all other muscles, need
the occasional workout in order to function at their best. Kegel exercises, created by Dr. Arthur
Kegel, target the pelvic floor and help to keep it and the anatomy around it healthy, strong and

While all individuals have pelvic floors, these muscles more commonly affect women and their
health. Factors such as pregnancy, childbirth, and ageing can cause weakness which can result
in a variety of concerns such as incontinence, decreased sex drive, and orgasm quality (and not
in a good way).

So what exactly is a Kegel? How do you do it? And just as importantly, how should you NOT do
it? We’ve got a super comprehensive how-to guide entitled “Kegel Exercises Can Improve Your
Sex Life” on our website, and I encourage you to check it out! It’s chock-full of useful info and
even includes audio tracks that will support your efforts toward a healthy pelvic floor.

You’ll learn about:
— The many benefits of Kegels
— What they can help you remedy
— How they work preventatively
— How to actually do them (and don’t worry – it can take some time to get the hang of it).

If you’re interested in addressing your specific pelvic floor concerns with an expert, we’re just a
call away. Reach out to us and we’ll arrange a free, 10-minute consult and help you determine
your best next steps toward your unique health goals.

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