Win a VIP Tub on PricePlow Discord!

Win a VIP Tub on PricePlow Discord!

We Go Home

We Go Home, the brand led by legendary Trung Nguyen whose goal is to provide a platform highlighting first responders and military, is excited to announce the latest version of their pre-workout supplement, No Sacrifice No Victory 2.0. To add to the excitement, we’re giving away two free tubs on the PricePlow Discord!

Get signed up and then let’s dig into the front of the tub’s highlights — the full panel will be disclosed soon!

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When does No Sacrifice No Victory 2.0 Launch?
(Join the VIP crew to get it early)

“NSNV” 2.0 launches on August 3rd for their VIP members and goes on sale to the public on August 4th – this giveaway lasts until August 2nd, so get in there now, but if you don’t win a tub, you can still join the We Go Home VIP program and get it early!

We Go Home NSNV 2.0: Giveaway on PricePlow Discord

What’s in NSNV 2.0?

A quick sneak peak at the tub’s front shows:

  • 7g L-Citrulline
  • 5g Beta Alanine
  • 3g L-Tyrosine
  • 1.5g Nitrosigine
  • 600mg CellFlo6
  • 50mg Senactiv

…and that’s just the start! We can also tell you it’ll have a caffeine blend totaling 362.5mg caffeine per serving to match those stats above.

This article will eventually be updated with the full label revealed – so come back soon.

Who is Trung Nguyen?

The best way to get to know Trung is to listen to his legendary episode on the Zero Limits Podcast:

We Go Home: Be an Asset
Trung immigrated to Chicago at 3 years old from Vietnam post war and had an interaction with a police officer at the age of 14 in the hood that ultimately left a good impression on him with him altering the direction in which his life was headed. Trung enlisted into the US Army with a ranger contract. Trung completed ranger training got his tan beret and posted to 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment. Trung deployed twice to Iraq and was involved in multiple direct action operations. Upon return of his second deployment he discharged and pursed a career as a police officer starting in Chicago and then moving to the LAPD. After about two years he moved back to Chicago PD and successfully became a CPD SWAT OFFICER. Trung also talks about life in law enforcement and his methods and mindset for continual training and progression. We also discuss his tribute project and website, “WE GO HOME.”[1]

To say he’s seen some action would be the understatement of the year! Now you get to train like him too.

What is the PricePlow Discord?

PricePlow Discord

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You can join at (the giveaway is in the #giveaways area).

Get ready for NSNV 2.0

We Go Home No Sacrifice No Victory 2.0

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