Never Run on Empty Again

Never Run on Empty Again

AstroFlav was founded in 2019 by a team of supplement retail veterans. During their years of direct, boots-on-the-ground contact with supplement consumers, the AstroFlav gang realized that many of their needs were not being met by the supplement industry as it stood at that time.

Chief among these needs was a customer desire for a high-trust company invested in developing long-term relationships with its customers, sparing no expense to produce the most trustworthy supplements possible.

AstroFlav’s mission is to be a supplement brand for the people, and they constantly strive to uphold four core values: trust, compassion, integrity, and results.

That means 100% transparency, fully disclosed labels, premium ingredients, and most importantly:

Astronomically great flavors.

AstroFlav Full Tank Intra-Workout

Make your last sets as strong as your first with AstroFlav’s Full Tank Intra-Workout Supplement.

We recently covered the updated AstroFlav IsoMix formula, which definitely lived up to its hype in terms of flavor. It’s great as a post-workout shake – but what if you need more “oomph” during your training?

Keep Your Foot on the Gas With AstroFlav Full Tank

This is where intra-workout supplements like AstroFlav Full Tank come in.

With ample carbs and protein, and minimal fat, AstroFlav Full Tank is formulated to give your muscles everything they need to work hard and stay hard, without adding too many calories to your daily intake.

Simply add a scoop into your shaker bottle, combine with water or your preferred beverage, and sip throughout your workout to stay in peak form.

Added bonus? It tastes amazing, which is what we expect from any AstroFlav product.

Let’s check availability on PricePlow, then dig into the reasoning and formulation for Full Tank:

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Why Are We Here? You Need Fuel For Exercise

It’s not always easy to be disciplined with fitness – it takes a lot of discipline just getting to the gym some days. There’s a whole other level of dedication to push yourself once you start your workout.

That said, pushing yourself is a lot easier when you’re running on a full tank of gas. Specifically, this means keeping your body supplied with glucose so that you don’t deplete your glycogen stores during intense efforts.

AstroFlav's Refreshing Full Tank Pink Lemonade FlavorWe care about this because glycogen depletion impairs both performance and recovery.

Once your glycogen stores begin running low, you won’t be able to work as hard. This means that you can’t provide your muscles and cardiovascular system with the biggest possible training stimulus, which increases your risk of leaving gains on the table.

After you finish your workout, go home, eat, and sleep, the real adaptation to exercise begins. And if your glycogen stores aren’t full by then, the muscle protein synthesis that occurs in response to training can be impaired.

Thus, when it comes to optimal performance and recovery it’s very important to keep your glycogen stores as full as possible.

By the same token, we want our muscles to grow in response to exercise, but exercise itself can break muscles down. Part of the reason for this is that as you get deeper into the metabolic deficit caused by intense exercise, your body might begin breaking down muscle tissue and recycling its constituent amino acids for energy.

Giving your muscles a steady supply of aminos can help minimize the catabolic effect of exercise, as well as help maximize muscles’ anabolic response to training.

AstroFlav Full Tank Ingredients

AstroFlav Full Tank Ingredients

AstroFlav Full Tank boasts a full ingredient profile of amino acids, hydration boosters and an insulin-spiking carb load.

In a single 1-scoop (35.5 gram) serving of Full Tank from AstroFlav, you get the following:

  • Sodium (211 mg, 9% DV)

    Although salt has gotten a bad rap in recent decades, sodium is crucial for optimal health, performance, and recovery. The first thing to realize about sodium’s place in an intra-workout supplement is that you can lose a lot of sodium during exercise. That sounds like a good thing, given the anti-salt attitudes in our culture, but recent research has actually found a J-shaped curve of mortality associated with salt consumption. According to which those who get too little salt can suffer similar cardiovascular effects as those who get too much. The sweet spot seems to be somewhere between 3 and 5 grams of sodium consumption per day. This is enough to replace what you lose when you sweat, but probably not enough to push your sodium intake into dangerous territory.

  • Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) (5,000 mg)

    The amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine are all anabolic triggers. They signal your body to begin the anabolic response that occurs after exercise-induced muscular damage. The BCAAs can also increase athletic endurance. Of the three, leucine is the most anabolic, and has been shown to significantly upregulate mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR), one of the anabolic master switches. Leucine requirements go up as we age.

  • Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) (3,000 mg):

    The essential amino acids are so called due to the fact that your body can’t make them on its own, meaning that you must consume EAAs in their whole form to meet nutritional requirements. The three BCAAs are actually essential amino acids, but here we have the remaining six:

    • L-Lysine (1,250 mg)

      Essential Amino Acids Are... Essential

      Highlighted in red are the essential amino acids, which form an important part of the AstroFlav Full Tank Formula

      Lysine is one of the building blocks for carnitine, and helps your body properly metabolize calcium. This includes both increasing calcium absorption, and ensuring that the calcium you consume gets deposited where it belongs. Lysine also supports collagen synthesis.

    • L-Threonine (1,250 mg)

      It’s a precursor to glycine and serine, two amino acids that behave like neurotransmitters in your brain, and are necessary for optimal cognitive function. Threonine can also help increase your body’s rate of muscle protein synthesis.

    • L-Histidine (125 mg)

      Histidine is a precursor to carnosine (it’s easy to confuse this with carnitine, but they’re different molecules). Carnosine buffers lactic acid in your muscles, helping remove it before it can impair your athletic performance, and thus increase athletic endurance. Histidine blood levels are also a factor in your body’s rate of muscle protein synthesis.

    • L-Methionine (125 mg)

      Methionine is a precursor to taurine and cysteine, amino acids that greatly impact athletic and cognitive performance, as well as recovery from exercise. Methionine is also a potent antioxidant and precursor to carnitine, just like lysine.

    • L-Phenylalanine (125 mg)

      This is a precursor to tyrosine, which itself is a precursor for catecholamine neurotransmitters like dopamine and adrenaline.

    • L-Tryptophan (125 mg)

      This one gets a bad rap because of the long-held belief that it can cause drowsiness. Don’t worry, it won’t. Instead, it can help increase your pain tolerance and upregulate serotonin.

  • Hydration (2,500 mg)

    Next up we have a good blend of ingredients designed to help your body retain water and use it to support intense physical activity.

    • Betaine Anhydrous (1,000 mg)

      Homocysteine Synthesis

      Methionine plays a vital role in homocysteine synthesis

      Betaine increases ATP production and is an important methyl donor that can support the methylation process throughout your body. Methylation is required to keep homocysteine blood levels in check. And since high homocysteine is an established risk factor for cardiovascular disease, we regard betaine supplementation a good long-term investment in your athletic performance. Betaine is also an osmolyte, meaning it forces water into cells by increasing the osmotic pressure around them.

    • Taurine (1,000 mg)

      Taurine is great for mitochondrial health, particularly in your brain, which is one of the reasons why you see taurine paired with caffeine in popular energy drinks. Taurine is also an osmolyte like betaine, helping protect your cells from heat stress by increasing their hydration levels. Taurine can also support muscular contractions by supporting calcium uptake and increasing nitric oxide production.

    • Coconut water powder (500 mg)

      Coconut water is an awesome source of electrolyte minerals, electrically conductive metal elements that your body uses to facilitate nerve impulses. You lose a lot of electrolytes during exercise, which can make you feel crappy or, if it’s bad enough, cause life-threatening illness. Regardless, we want to replenish any electrolytes we lose during exercise, sodium being one of the most important.

  • Uptake Matrix (21,250 mg)

    This blend of ingredients is designed to spike your insulin levels with a decent carb load. That might sound like a bad thing, given all the negative press that insulin has gotten in recent years, but insulin is crucial for moving the amino acids in this product, and any other nutrients you consume, into your muscle tissue. Nutrient uptake is also enhanced by AstraGin, which is why we have it here.

    • Cluster dextrin (20,000 mg)

      The Benefits of Cluster Dextrin as Exhibited by the Borg Scale

      In comparing the rates of perceived exertion between Cluster Dextrin and maltodextrin, Cluster Dextrin exhibits a powerful drop in how hard your workouts feel!

      We want to take in carbohydrates during exercise for the reasons we discussed in the introduction, the only problem is that most forms of carbohydrate can cause gastric distress when taken during exercise. Cluster dextrin is formulated to be rapidly — and easily — absorbed, which helps minimize potential gastrointestinal irritation. It also does better than other carbohydrates when it comes to supporting athletic performance and recovery.

    • Beta-Alanine (1,200 mg)

      Beta-alanine is an awesome carnosine precursor, which we take as a supplement because research has shown that the body’s beta-alanine levels are actually the rate-limiting factor in its production of carnosine. Carnosine, as we discussed earlier, is awesome for its lactic acid buffering and endurance-boosting effects, and more beta-alanine means more carnosine, hence greater athletic endurance.

    • AstraGin (50 mg)

      AstraGin is a special blend of botanical extracts from the innovators at NuLiv Science that can enhance the bioavailability of other ingredients by increasing the supply of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in intestinal cells supply of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Supplementation with the constituent parts of AstraGin – ginseng and astragalus – is associated with increased healthspan and lifespan.

Flavors Available:

AstroFlav Full Tank Cherry Lime Flavor

AstroFlav Full Tank comes in three delicious flavors: Cherry Lime, Pink Lemonade, and Rocket Pop.

The following list of flavors will stay up to date through PricePlow:

Conclusion: Keep your Tank Full with Full Tank

AstroFlav is a no-nonsense intra-workout that came to play. With a highly digestible source of carbs, ample protein, large doses of hyper-hydrating osmolytes and performance boosters like beta-alanine and betaine, this is a winner that can keep anyone pushing their limits to the max.

Note that AstroFlav has Astro Amino, but sometimes, you want carbs! That’s where Full Tank comes in.

This helps round out the pre/intra/post workout stack from AstroFlav, which has Flip Mode, Full Tank (or Astro Amino), and IsoMix. Our thoughts? Especially when training, you should fear an empty tank more than fearing the carbs! So keep it full with Full Tank.

AstroFlav Full Tank Keeps You Going Harder For Longer

AstroFlav Full Tank – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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