Things You Didn’t Know About Her Breasts

Things You Didn’t Know About Her Breasts

We Asked Women To Reveal 10 Things You Never Knew About Their Breasts

If you’re a guy with a pulse, you probably think you know a lot about boobs. Granted, there’s a solid amount of knowledge you can glean from straight-up life experience (and porn). But no matter how many close up encounters you’ve had with breasts, there’s a whole other level of understanding that comes from having a pair of them permanently attached to you.

What kind of things don’t you know about boobs, you ask? We went straight to the source to bring you the info you never knew about one of your favorite female body parts, and asked some some real women to enlighten us about what life with breasts is really like. Here’s what they had to say about the itty-bitty titty secrets they don’t typically share with the opposite sex: 

Touching Them Doesn’t Always Feel Good

Sure, you may get instantly turned on by touching your girl’s goods. But according to Jo’Lisa, 27, ladies with larger breasts don’t really feel much from that effort. “Men don’t know that, at least for larger boobs that are touched and fondled a lot, we feel very little to nothing.” she says. Also, not every woman is into having her nipples sucked on: “It really does nothing for me sexually. Also, when they suck on them it isn’t hot. It’s like breastfeeding…”

They Get Bigger During Periods, And More Sensitive

But unfortunately, not more sensitive in a good way. Yes, it may totally unfair that you can’t have at them when they’re bigger. But if these were your balls we were talking about, you’d understand. “I don’t like them being grabbed when I have my period,” says Jamie, 30. “Yes they look bigger — but that’s because they are sore!”

They Require Some Uhh… Grooming

Body hair is just a natural part of life. But when you think about the lady parts that get shaved (or maybe you never do, you lucky bastards) you probably don’t realize that our nipples get hairy too. “I get dark nipple hairs,” says Andrea, 27, “which I quite enjoy plucking out with a tweezer. No shame.”

You Don’t Have To Treat Them Both Equally

It’s sweet that you want to pay an equal amount of attention to both breasts. But Jessica, 26 says you shouldn’t feel bad about leaving one nipple without as much love as you gave the other in order to keep things moving. “I really won’t notice if you don’t spend the ‘exact’ amount of time sucking on the left nipple as you do on the right,” she says. “I know you want to give them equal love, but homeboy, I get bored, real fast.”

Fondling Them Isn’t An Instant Turn-On

Unlike when a girl makes a grab for your dick, pulling the same move on our boobs doesn’t necessarily have that same instant turn-on effect. “It’s not like an ‘on’ switch for sex,” says Allison, 24. “Guys need to stop thinking that just touching my boobs is a turn-on. When my boyfriend and I are hooking up, he’ll go straight for the boobs with hand and mouth action and I’m always like, ‘Dude! What are you doing?!”

Women Spend A Lot On Bras

Bras aren’t cheap — and depending on how blessed you are up top, they can get worn out pretty quickly. “We spend a lot of time and money trying to keep them perky and looking good,” says Elyse, 30. “Bras and sports bras are supposed to be discarded every six months.” Also, breasts are actually evolving over time. “The average bra size has grown from a 34B to a 34DD in just 20 years’ time.”

They’re Not Exactly Even

Not all boobs are created equal — even the ones attached to the same chest. “My left boob is slightly smaller than my right,” says Tiffany, 25. “It always used to make me self conscious — and it has made bra shopping a real struggle. But my current boyfriend makes me laugh about it — he’ll text me and sign off with, ‘send my love to the big girl and the little girl.’ It’s endearing.” 

Certain Tops Require… Creativity

Next time you see a girl looking fly as hell wearing a backless shirt or dress, know that she’s either got something taped to her nipples, or she’s wearing the latest uncomfortable strapless contraption working against gravity in order to pull it off. “Men probably don’t know that we tape the girls up to keep our nipples from showing when we’re wearing a skimpy top,” says Pamela, 31. “Or what it feels like to basically rip a bandaid off your nipple when you’re taking that top off.”

Women Have Some Control Over Them

“My boobs are on the smaller side,” says Nicole, 28, “and I can kind of make them move in a jumping motion a little when I contract the muscles that are underneath my armpits. My fiancé gets a kick out of it.”

Cold, Hard Nipples Hurt

“Hell is walking through the freezer aisle of the grocery store with no bra on,” says Malika, 28. “I don’t know if male nipples feel the same but, when I’m grocery shopping and I’ve got no bra or jacket on to protect me from the wrath of the freezer aisle, my girls are not happy!”

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