Trojan Wins AskMen’s Readers’ Choice Award

Trojan Wins AskMen’s Readers’ Choice Award

Your Favorite Rubbers to Use, According to Our 2020 Condom Survey

No two condoms are alike.

That means when choosing what to wrap your member with, it’s important to consider all your options. Brands promise a lot to consumers, but this is your penis we’re talking about. It deserves the best, so finding the best condom is vital.

But what do you prioritize when making your selection? Is overall brand trust the biggest thing? Do you rank material, price, or level of sensitivity above all? Or is there nothing specific that you look for, grabbing the nearest box off the shelf at your local bodega without much thought?

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In our attempt to come up with a clear answer to this question, AskMen polled over 1,000 men and women for its 2020 Readers’ Choice Condom Survey in the hopes of uncovering which rubber is truly the king of all rubbers. 

And the winner is … TROJAN CONDOMS

Call it a photo finish, but Trojan came out victorious with the number one spot because of its fit, packaging, material, with consumers likely to recommend it overall.

“They do what they say, and that’s what I want,” commented one reader. Another said he prefers Trojan because they’re “very good condoms, reliable and don’t cost as much. My partner agrees as well.”

K-Y users helped it earn the title of second place with their condoms’ value, sensitivity, and lubrication being a few reasons why wearers select ’em over other brands. Clap for Lifestyles, the next favorite at number three, with Durex coming in at number four.

Care to take a guess what the preferred material was for men? Well, to no real surprise, 35% of survey takers went the ultra thin route (like you’re not even wearing a condom at all), 27% selected latex, and 15 percent with with textured/ribbed.

9% of men said that they’re not too picky when it comes to the material on their peen, 7% percent went for non-latex, and 5% went towards lambskin.

As for where people purchase their condoms? 39% of men and women see no problem with picking ’em up at their nearest drugstore, 25% head to the supermarket, and 17% go the discreet route with shopping online. Other options saw bodega coming in with 8%, and sex shop or free clinic tying at 3%.

Still looking for up your condom knowledge? Click here for some more information on how to choose the best condom for you.

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